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What the chalk sign your door in Germany means

Bet you have seen this sign over your door as well. I remember seeing this sign all the time on doors when I first came to Germany. I didn't ask anyone I just assumed with much confidence, it was the door measurements and there I was thinking I will have to take a picture of it or memorize it someday in case I need to move in big furniture. Turns out I was wrong 🙈

The meaning its actually quite sweet.

It turns out it is part of a religious tradition that goes far back as the since the 16th century in parts of Germany, especially Catholic regions.

On the 6th of January the feast of the three kings(Magi), young child dressed as the Magi who visited the baby Jesus walk from door to door to collect money for a beneficial purpose and leave a chalk blessing on the house.Residents can give the children candy, fruit/nuts, money, or nothing. The money is collected for children's charities the world over.

The three letters CMB are the abbreviation for the Latin words: "Christus mansionem benedicat", that means "Christ blesses this house". Although some people think it's an abbreviation for the three names of the Magi; Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

The number are the current year in this case 20 and 20, so the number changes every year.

* is the star of David, the three + represent the trinity.

So now you know isn't it sweet?


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