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Tips on all what to pack for kindergarten in Germany

Is your child off to Kindergarten for the first time? Normally your Kindergarten should give you a list of things you should bring with your child to Kindergarten. But if you are a prepper like me and you would just like to know in advance.let me share a list with you on what you will need most of this you won't have to pack every day you leave it in the Kindergarten. First Days Passport picture Stuffed animal Spring/Summer️☀☔ Tooth brush (If they eat breakfast in school) Light sleeping bag if they nap in Kindergarten. Spare clothes Light house shoe(Slippers) Sunscreen Light Raincoat Rain boots/ Wellington boots Sunhat (wide brimmed cap) On very hot days when the kindergarten have water sports: swimsuit and towel Fall/Winter️☀☔❄☃ Tooth brush (If they eat breakfast in school) Thick sleeping bag if they nap in Kindergarten. Thick Raincoat/Snow suit Winter Wellington boots Warm house shoes(Slippers) Spare clothes Additional Tips Breakfast arrangements Some Kindergarten require you to bring breakfast for your child and some don't it us important you know the requirement before hand.

Not yet out of diapers? If your child is still in diapers, don't forget to set a reminder to always bring some. As well as Diaper cream and wipes. Insist that they use yours to better protect your child some of these creams are not good quality. Don't forget To change the spare clothes regularly and according to the weather. To regularly change your child's toothbrush. Set a reminder for that. After Kindergarten If you have a long journey to and from the kita/kindergarten.It is always advisable to pack a little bag with snacks and water/drink for your child. They are for some reason very hungry immediately after kindergarten. You don't want to be stopping and buying stuff on the way back.

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