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Tips to make your tiny home guest ready.

It really took me a long time to master the art of stress free hosting of guests in a tiny home. I didn't even want to have people over because I didn't want to be stressed. But now I have mastered how to entertain guests in my home stress free and make them feel home as well. It will be a disservice not to share my tips.

A ready tray

When anyone tells me they are coming over, I immediately get a tray out and load it with drinks or snacks I have at home. It kind of puts me in control of the situation immediately. I don't need to ask you what you want and be put in an uncomfortable position when I don't have it. We can also get into the conversation immediately instead of me rummaging through the kitchen for minutes trying to put stuff together to serve the guest. What is on the tray depends on the weather in summer it looks like the picture below during winter I have a tea tray ready.

A guest drawer or basket

It is a good idea to have a guest drawer stocked with snacks and drinks. As well as separate dishes or glasses for entertaining them. Imagine a day when you have unexpected visitors and all your dishes are in the sink. Separate your guest dishware saves you time. A snack drawer as well helps so you can easily see when it needed to be restocked. Below is a picture of a stocked snack drawer and a picture of my guest entertainment basket.

The rest of these tips are more for overnight guest.

Collapsible wardrobe

If you don't have a guest room do invest in a collapsible wardrobe for guests so they don't have to leave their things in their suitcase and you don't have to stress yourself to clear a shelf or drawer for them. I got this from Ikea for Eur 9.99 but I will recommend getting something with a shelf.

Guest basket

I try to make a guest basket for all my overnight guests with towels, cosmetics and toiletries. If they are babysitting, I add a babysitting folder with spare keys and thank you note.

Charging station

I think its important for my guest to feel at home that's why I have this charging station.It is easy to make. All you need is a basket or container that you're not using, Make a hole in it to insert the adapter and label it.

Bathroom tips

These are my go to tips for making your bathroom more guest friendly I put up this little basket from Tedi with No Loc hooks from Tedi. I put in wet wipes and toilet cleaning spray.

I also have this suction wire basket from Kodi. The good thing about it is that I can easily take it of. I just labelled it. It makes it easy for guests to have a place to put their toiletries in your bathroom.

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