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African Mummies in Deutschland FB Group

Yes! African Women in Germany, we have created our very own positive corner in on the internet. If you are a Black/African Woman looking for a place to connect with other African Women in Germany and talk about the issues that affect you then this is the group for you! The African Mummies in Deutschland FB support group aims to provide a safe space to share your experience and engage in discussion around challenges, celebrations, and complexities of life in Germany. Come and meet new people and learn new things that will better your life here. From topics dealing with daily life challenges, child care, career, finances, Jobcenter, legal issues, immigration challenges,education,self care, mental health and a whole lot more.We focus on instilling hope, healing,support, providing information and identifying ways to move forward in Germany. We hope to keep it interactive,fun, non-judgmental, creative, supportive and most importantly, full of love and acceptance.

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