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New Laws and Policy Changes for October 2018 in Germany

New driver's license questions On October 1, the questions for the theory test will change.29 questions have been revised and 28 new questions have been added.

Stricter limits for lead content in toys The EU has set stricter limits on the lead content in toys. The lower limits apply from 28th October. These limits reduce the lead content in chalk, for example, from previously 13.5 milligrams to two milligrams per kilo. For liquids, only 0.5 instead of 3.4 milligrams per kilo are allowed. And painted materials - for example building bricks - may only contain 23 instead of 160 milligrams of lead per kilo.

Public procurement tenders will be on only electronic.

By the 18th of October 2018, all contracting authorities and contractors must have switched to electronic procurement for all public-sector contracts.This will offer equal opportunities and transparency to smaller companies as tenders will be posted online. The 18th is the deadline where offers can be sent by post thereafter they will be no longer be processed. Transparency when buying insurance products Insurers need to comply with the new rules of the EU Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) from 1 October: more detailed information is required for life insurance annual statements . There is a clear distinction between commission insurance brokerage and independent fee counseling, and there is a duty to point out that loans can be made even without residual debt insurance. More transparency in Bank Account costs As of 31 October 2018, financial institutions must provide consistent and easily understandable information about the cost of their account services. Consumers in the EU Member States also receive free access to at least one certified comparison website.

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