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New Laws and Policy Changes for September 2018 in Germany

Increase in Vehicle Tax (KfZ-Steuer)

The automotive authorities will from this month introduce a new test procedure to calculate the level of emissions. This will in turn to an increase in the tax incurred per vehicle. The increased tax will affect all cars, whether new or old, that get registered from this month on-wards.

Production of halogen lamps is discontinued

From September, the production of most halogen lamps is prohibited. According to the Consumer Center, only twelve-volt halogen lamps with a high energy efficiency (at least efficiency class B) will be produced. The law enters into force in 28 EU countries – an important step towards environmental protection.

Changes to Sparkasse ATM Procedure

Sparkasse clients around the country better be ready for a change in their usual procedure at the ATM. With a new software, the Sparkasse will have their clients pick the amount they want to get before asking for the PIN. Previously, you had to give in the PIN before entering the amount.

Tougher Return Policies at IKEA

IKEA is becoming tougher for their clients who wish to randomly return furniture they bought. Clients will have up to a year to return furniture, but only if they had not used it.

However, for those wishing to get rid of their IKEA furniture when it’s still in good condition, you have the option to sell it back to IKEA, in exchange for a coupon you can use in the store. IKEA aims to reduce the amount of new furniture that lands in the landfills.

More money for baker trainees

From 1 September 2018, the trainees allowance for those in the baking industry will increase by up to € 65 per month. There will also be an increase in the travel costs. If a public transport operator in the catchment area of ​​the training center offers an apprenticeship ticket, the training company has to contribute up to € 30 per month to the costs, unless the ticket is financed by the public.

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