• Maame Adwoa Dentaa Amoo

On Finding My Tribe and The Afro Bloggers Convention

I've been doing this blogging thing way before blogging was the in-thing.Way, way back in 2004.

I blogged about my travels in Ghana, you know how much I love taking a break. There were no holiday spots, food joints and restaurants that I didn't visit. From Axim to Kintampo, I visited and I blogged. Till this day, I shudder to think of the possibilities if I had carried on blogging.But marriage came into the mix and many said it would be scandalous for pastor's wife to have a blog about going on holidays and spas breaks with her ex.

So I succumbed to pressure and deleted my blog.

Anyhoo, fast forward to a year and a half ago. I started blogging again.

This time about my experiences in Germany. Not exciting spa breaks,holidays and all. Nope, it was about the blood, sweat, tears and perhaps a little laughter about life as a single mum in Germany with the purpose that sharing my experiences would make life easier for any new mum in Germany (Perhaps even the seasoned ones to).

Then my 'people pleaser' self decided to show it to a few "friends". Discouragement be what! Don't get me wrong, I got some surprising encouragement from people I did not expect but to my insecure self the dissenting voices seemed louder.

I quickly lost interest and for a good year, I neglected my website. Someone even bought my original domain name and sells watches on there lol.

But like all first loves the passion for blogging still smoldered deep within and I decided to I rekindle that fire a couple of months ago. Thank God I did because something magical happened. I found the Afro-Bloggers Convention. I signed up and got added to the Whats app group and BAM! Just like that, I was home.

It was like the scene from Lion King when Rafiki holds up baby Simba and introduces him to the kingdom and the sun shone on him. (cue in the circle of life music, subtract the bowing)

These people were talking marketing, SEO, platforms, marketing, audiences etc. There were tips, advice, encouragement, quick adds and follows. I was overwhelmed with joy. I finally found people who understood where I was and where I was trying to go. I didn't need to explain away. It was just full acceptance and understanding warts and all. I remember reading somewhere about finding your tribe; i.e people you resonate with and how there is a deep sense of safety in being with people with whom you can connect. That is just what it felt like.

Post any issue blogging related and my people are on it like the Dora Milaje (Amazonian women warriors from Wakanda) or so I like to imagine.

So if you blog and you are African then SRH Hochschule Berlin is the place to be on the 2nd of November. Our tribe will be having a convention.The Afro bloggers Convention. This the link to registering see you there and Wakanda forever!!!

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