• Maame Dentaa

The Chebe Conundrum

Having successfully toiled and grown lusciously long natural locks for my daughter (a feat, I am very very proud of) I was eager to boost the thickness of her fro. 

I consulted my hair oracle, YouTube. Yes,  the one and only where you can find every advice in the world on any matter accompanied by vivid illustrations. Except perhaps on how to make a human being. Anyho, let me not meander on the vast fountain of knowledge that is YouTube.

I heard rave reviews on this magic product Chebe and had watched in amazement the miss Sahel video of the Chadian women happily applying this powder unto their hair.

Could it be I thought?

Could such a wonderous thing exist? 

The holy Grail of natural hair products.

Surely I had to get it.

For months, I obsessed about it until it became widely available and affordable. I sent my Sister the link to various sellers in one of the mummy groups I belong to. 

My dear Sister, ever supportive made the quick purchase and added it to the stuff my mum brought over when she visited.  

Hmmm. Immediately it came, I found the smell off putting. It had a maggish spicy smell like something that should be used to cook soup. Perhaps that was why it had been a secret for so long.

 "But hey" I thought "maybe there was a way to get rid of the smell". I googled and searched YouTube. 

All these hair gurus giving the assurance that it didn't smell to bad. "It has a slightly nutty smell" they said poshly. Perhaps not to offend this haloed product from the womb of the motherland.

Some mentioned mixing essential oils but added "if you are worried about the smell" Others claimed it goes after a day or two. I was convinced. After all my youtubers have never steared me wrong. Why ever would they conceal such vital information? Surely they will warn me if the smell was insummountable?

So I watched the Chadian video with my daughter and explained it to her. She, excited at the prospect of being a black Rapunzel allowed me to eagerly rub the powder into her hair. I applied it on Friday evening after washing and conditioning her hair. 

Saturday after rebraiding her hair the smell was still there. Perhaps Sunday it will be gone? Nope still there. 

Monday morning!!! The smell of Chebe was there! As strong as ever!  

But why nowwwwww? What was I to do? Heavy perfuming took place. But nothing could mask the Chadian musk. My child had to go to school an all white school in Germany smelling like an african spice shop!

My prayer now is that none of our caucasian brothers and sisters with their nut allergies inhales strongly her hair and goes into anphylactic shock! I can barely wait to close and from work and pick her up. I have been anxious all day. 

Aside the smell. I think it does what it says as to strengthening the hair and retaining moisture. But the smell hmmmm.


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