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Planning for your child's wardrobe for Autumn and Winter

I didn't even know how to really dress for winter properly like the Germans do. You know Germans really believe in weather appropriate clothing. So definitely, no ballet pumps with thick stockings like I could do in UK. I had to get it right especially for my daughter. I didn't want to be getting those disapproving glances that Germans are so good at.

I know that it seems like a lot of work but trust me it will save you money, stress time in the end.

So here are my tips for planning a winter Autumn wardrobe for my Child

1. I start by sorting through her wardrobe seeing what she had left and what fits from last year. What isn't needed anymore I give away or get rid of. It makes no sense to have a bloated wardrobe.

2. I use a checklist to shop and plan. You can download mine it also works for summer and spring here

3. I shop with colours in mind. When I started of I use to buy anything that tickled my fancy. Then when it came to crunch time and I was behind on the laundry, I was faced with the possibility of my child looking like a clown. When the wardrobe is colour coordinated (for lack of a better word and not trying to sound OCD) making combinations is easier. Ok, let me explain so I don't sound over the top. For example if I find a red patterned jacket I like, then when I am buying bottoms or stockings I buy some with green stripes, blue and ones with blue and orange patterns etc just because they are cute. I will be in trouble when I am trying to put my child's look together if I don't have enough neutral bottoms.

4. Take your child's opinions into consideration. In order to avoid all the drama in the mornings, especially with girls and toddlers keep items and buy items your child and you feel confident he or she will wear.

If your child appears uncomfortable wearing a particular item, ask if he or she feels they will wear it or not. If the answer is a resounding no, or their body language relays the same message, seriously consider removing that item from his or her wardrobe. If your child is not going to wear it, it’s likely going to end up just taking up space in the closet.

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