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Tips and Hacks for Meal Planning for Busy Mums

Immediately I discovered meal planning my lifeautomatically got better. Meal planning will save your sanity, money and time. So let talk about some tips,tricks and hacks for fast and easy meal planning

Get a Meal Planning Template

I will advice you to get a template. The whole idea is to make things easy. Sitting there for hours thinking about where and how to start planning can be unnecessarily overwhemling. There are so many online and I am more thanhappy to share mine. You can download it on my Downloadables Page

Planning under a Theme

Planning under a theme makes menu planning easier. It makes you iversefy your menu and it is a great help if you want to try new kinds of food.

Food prep

One of the challenges I have when it comes to cooking is the food prep part. Menu planning really helps you to food prep because you know what you are having you can food prep in bulk and store. So as to get rid of the really arduous part of cooking.

Flash freeze half cooked food.

Yes you can actually do that. Especially when you are cooking a sauce or a soup. Go ahead an put them in Glass containers and take them out when you are ready to finish cooking.

Invest in kitchen tools that make food prepping and preparation easier

Choppers, food processors,Smoothie makers, Potatoe peelers...infact any tool that saves you time and saves you time and effort in the kitchen I am all for it.

Repeat old menu plans

If it worked once it can work just fine again. I repeat meal plans I have saved all the time for convenience

When planning make space for snacks, leftovers and eating out

The Meal plan is not a war strategy that should be followed to the letter so be flexible and make space for snacks leftovers and of course eating out.

Have a meal planning day

My meal plan day is just before my grocery shopping day. I take the time to look at what is left in my pantry and my fridge. Perhaps even give the fridge a good clean before I go ahead an plan incorperating what I have left in my plans. I also use it as an opportunity to make a shopping list.

It gets easier as you practice.

Like everything in life practice makes perfect. So keep at it because it is worth it.

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