• Maame Adwoa Dentaa Amoo

The Snail and the Rose tree....On learning how to bloom again

Yesterday, I read this story to my daughter, The rose and the snail.

The story is about a snail and a rose-tree were in a garden discussing the finer points of life. The rose-tree only produced roses and the snail thought this was rather boring. The snail said he would do great things but years past and whilst the rose-tree blossomed, the snail went into his shell and blocked the world out. The rose-tree gave roses, but the snail gave nothing.

It could not have come at a better time in my life. It was almost like an ''Aha Moment'' but a little deeper. To be fair I have been having a lot of those ''Aha Moments'' recently. A lot of revelations about my life, my past and present behaviours and actions and even that of those around me. But none about where I wanted to take myself to is the future.

You see for the past year, I have been taking a good look at my life and finding my happy. Finding happiness within has meant that I have had to come to acceptance about how the world is warts and all. And I must admit that made me disappointed with the world.

I wasn't mad, I wasn't even sad (far from it). I was just disappointed but accepting and decided to concentrate more on myself. No more altruistic and idealistic bullshit I told myself if I really wanted to be happy I need to expect less from people and focus on just me.

And just like the snail in the story I thought "I withdraw into myself, and there I stay. The world is of no concern to me! Then the snail went inside its house and sealed it up"

I guess I started just like the snail when I saw roses bloom I thought “My time will come. I shall do something more than just grow roses”.but anytime I came out and realised that nothing had changed, I let the disappointment of my expectations of others bring me down and coiled up into my shell.

But a simple Fairy tale made me realise that I although I am at one of the happiest places I can ever be in my life. I would be even happier if I bloomed just like the tree said it produced roses out of joy.

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