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To resolute or not to resolute

Some years back, I got into the habit of making New Year's resolutions and planning out my year.

An ex of mine got me into the habit. He was really into self help, self improvement and empowerment and he took this new year resolution thing rather personally.

At the end of every year, we would have a quiet getaway to resolute (for lack of a better word).

The whole idea was not really about rigidly planning out every step of your life for the next year or just making mental notes about what you wanted to do the next year. It was also about taking stock of the past year and writing out your dreams and hopes for the coming year.

We always listed them, putting pen to paper and keeping that 'list' close by. The whole exercise of putting your thoughts and innermost desires for the next year onto paper was also to move that which is intangible (i.e Your thoughts and desires swimming in the space of your mind) into the physical. (i.e A list on a piece of paper you can touch).

It was also important to note that in doing this I had taken an actual physical action towards actualizing my dreams and goals. Which is a first step in a right direction.

I guess it also counted to have something to meditate on and refer to as the year went by and also to hold myself accountable at the end of the year.

I mean a list of dreams and hopes and actions, I could hold your dreams close in the palm of my hand. After all the law of attraction advocates keeping your dreams and desires close for actualisation.

Makes sense right ?

Yes. I thought so too....

Until, I read somewhere that 35 % of people who make New Year's resolutions break them by the end of January.

The article said that 77 % people who make these resolutions never see it through. I really wish I never saw that because I was going through a bad patch in my life and fixated on the negative statistics instead of attaching my mind to the 23 % that actually saw their resolutions through.

I began to see the whole exercise has futile, raking up all the past failures I had had despite making resolutions. Instead of focusing on what I had achieved as a result of them. So I stopped completely .

I never did any special ritual to close the old year, take stock of it and transitioning myself into the next year. In fact if I was having a particularly bad year, I would intentionally sleep through the New Year's celebrations convincing myself I was sleeping off the bad year.I told myself it was even good I made no resolutions that year because anything I did in that year was jinxed anyway.Come the new year I didn't make them either because it was too late the year had already began.

As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to challenge myself and go back to the confident and successful person I use to be or even better.

I started thinking about my old traditions that made me actualise my goals and it got me to the realisation that the years I took time out to make New Year's resolution were 100% more successful than those I didn't.

Even when I didn't keep to all my resolutions, having a roadmap of what I wanted to achieve the next year made a huge difference.

Yes, sometimes I felt oppressed by it, as if it accused me of being a failure whenever I fell short of crucial goals.

But there were other times it's motivated me , pushed me and kept my eyes on the prize.

Plus having my list with me to close meant I was closer in a way to my dreams.

So yes is the answer. I have resloved to do resolutions.

I will go to a quiet place and think about my life. Think about what I want for next year.

I will buy a book and I will write my resolutions on the first page.

All that I wish to achieve and hope for.

All the new habits I wish to acquire and the actions I need to put in place

I will keep this book with me at all times.

I would even go a step further and make a collage of my dreams and put it up as a screensaver on my phone.

I definitely make a vision board for 2018 put it up on my wall and I will persevere with my resolutions with resolution.

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