• Maame Adwoa Dentaa Amoo

No wasted Pain; Glennon Doyle Melton: First the Pain, Then the Rising

This is why I love Oprah's Super soul sessions. It is such a heavy dose of Chicken soup for the soul and vitamins for a better life. I just needed this video from Glennon Doyle Melton because my whole life has been about running from pain and hurt. I hate the scars it left on my spirit .

For me pain was a bad thing I felt that it breaks me so I just avoided and chickened out on anything when it began to even look like it would hurt.

I also think that my life as a mother has been about protecting my daughter from pain and all I do every waking minute is to prevent and protect her from any pain I ever experienced or the constant painful fear comes upon me that I am not being a good enough mother.

But she addresses all these issues for me that pain should not be a thing to run from but to embrace and go through in order to rise.

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