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Can you just imagine this? Of course it is racist!

So year 8 children at Rochester Grammar School in Kent were told to imagine they were buying people at a slave auction.

They were then asked to work out how many slaves they would be able to buy with £100, and how many they would need for their ‘business’.

The worksheet said: ‘Consider what sort of slave your business will need. Examine the characteristics of the slaves in source A.

‘Can you find any that you could use? Focus your bids in the first round on those Lots that you really think would be an advantage.

‘Would a combination of different types be more suitable? The key question to ask is, “What can I buy for my £100?”

Can you just imagine this? If I were a student in that class there is no way I would not feel demeaned and humiliated.

What exactly was the purpose of this maths question that could not have been taught in any other way than mentioning African tribes and statements like the Chamba slaves offer 'good breeding potential?

I call bullshit on this one! it is backdoor racism they knew what they were doing. It is offensive and was calculated to humiliate and subjugate the black pupils.

For sure bullying and degrading of black pupils no doubt some of which may come from the backgrounds with the aforementioned ethnic groups will surely follow.

If they wanted to teach about the horrors of slavery how about the many documentaries that are out there. How about a trip to Elmina castle and the gate of no return.

Would this school ever dare to do a math question where students were to imagine they were Nazi guards in Auschwitz? Why would they think this will ever be okay?

SHAME ON YOU Rochester Grammar School!


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