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Find yourself again!

I posted this because it is so easy to lose ourselves when we care about others. I realised that a lot of us are in relationships, be it with family or even friendships with manipulative people and we don’t even realise it.

I will ask you to first listen to yourself. You know deep down within your soul and although they may have some amazing traits and you do have good times or memories with them.

In the end you feel drained, exhausted and manipulated by them. I am going to share the signs and actions of these emotionally abusive soul sucking people so that you can come to some self-awareness and free yourself.

1. Degradation: Do you find yourself in a relationship with someone who always wants to pull you down or make jokes at your expense? For example, always posting negative stuff on your Facebook pictures or comments in the form of advice? This can make us second guess our own feelings, experience.as well as make you doubt yourself and question your own judgment because of the abusers comments.

2. Controlling or dominating: Do you have to plan your whole day around what they think is okay? Do they control your money or time? When you complain they will tell you this is something normal and that you should be glad or privileged that they are spending time with you? And deep down you know this is not normal. Or they invade your personal space and boundaries like showing up unannounced to your house to impose their time on you.

3. Accusing or blaming: Is nothing ever their fault? Do they blame any issues they have on everyone else in their life? Are they super sensitive to any personal criticism?

4. Neglect: They give you the silent treatment or may not meet any of our basic needs as a punishment for supposed wrongdoing. For example, a husband financially frustrating his wife.

5. Enmeshment or codependence: This is when someone sees you as an extension of themselves. Sharing you and their personal relationship issues with others without telling you. Making decisions for your child or even with your time without informing you.

Now you know, knowledge is power! Take time to breath, forgive yourself for falling prey to narcissistic manipulators and go ahead and find yourself again. Find your soul.

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