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Mummy morning routine hack: My "basket" of goodies

I know I am literally the laziest mum in the world when it comes to taking care of myself. Although I know the skin care routine and products that will give me amazing results,I always use the fact that I am to busy or too tired not to moisturize and have a good beauty and skincare regime.

Plus I can never ever find where I put my products because I never ever put them back where they are suppose to be in the first place.And I am embarrassed to say I just leave my products lying everywhere so in order to prevent any mess I would have to clean up later during my morning rush I just skip my skin care routine.

I knew I could continue this way and I have found a solution!

Ta Da......! (drum roll please) This little plastic container from Kodi. Which cost two for €3.99 is my saviour.

Initially I got it for the kitchen. It was really convenient for spices when I cooked. The jug like handle makes it so easy to carry everywhere.

But now it is my room, making my morning routine easier.

I just put all my morning and evening beauty care regime products and leave it by my bedside table or carry it to any room. I like that I can chuck it in my wardrobe quickly when the need be.

I am happy it makes it easy to find all my products and it looks nice and neat. I gave myself a good pat on the back for this.

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