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Great Show Alert-Working Mums

I was having one of my lazy sleepless nights and was looking for a good show to sink my teeth into when I came across this comedy Working Moms. Oh my goodness it is so good!

At first I was a bit skeptical about watching a comedy series they really don't do it for me nowadays. I don't know if it is just my moody winter self but I have been staying away from comedies. Nowadays I tend to watch only crime series.......hmmm let me not over share or digress.

I watched one and I was totally hooked! I just could not look away!

I stayed awake and binged watched it till 2am and proceeded to blog about it !

Yes people it is that good!

It is a canadian sitcom about a group of friends dealing with the challenges of being mums! Especially working mums.

There is Kate, is eager to get back into her groove at work but has little problems balancing the two and problems getting help with child care. I can totally relate to her challenges with her manipulative mum when she enlists her help to take care of her son .

There is Frankie is a successful real estate agent and struggling with depression which I love and can totally relate to the darkness in there.

There is Anne the pregnant, blunt-bordering on mean girl psychiatrist but super supportive friend.

There is Jenny the IT specialist who still wants to be sexy and relevant after motherhood.

Infact there is so much more.

I had a whole lot of laugh out moments and I love how much I can totally relate to all the moms.It's is incredible how I am easily all of them stuck in one body!

Peep this clip of the show on youtube .

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