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Meet Germany's new President - Frank-Walter Steinmeier

It seems that all is set today the 12th of February for the former foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to be elected as the new President of Germany. The vote will be held in the Reichstage and Frank-Walter Steinmeier who is SPD is expected to receive a large majority of votes after Angela Merkel's conservatives agreed to back him to replace incumbent Joachim Gauck.

Presidency in Germany is largely a ceremonial position as opposed to what we see in America. The President is elected by a 1,260-strong Federal Assembly, made up of national lawmakers and deputies from Germany's 16 states.

The 61-year-old regularly polls as Germany's most popular politician and he will represent us abroad and act as a kind of moral arbiter for the nation. Steinmeier is one of Germany's best known politicians, having twice served as top diplomat under Merkel for a total of seven years.

The Berliner Morgenpost daily judged that Steinmeier looks set to be "the anti-Trump president".

He is a trained Lawyer and in the thick of last year's US election campaign Steinmeier labelled Donald Trump a "hate preacher". After Trumps win Steinmeier predicted relations would get "more difficult" and said his staff were struggling to detect any "clear and coherent" foreign policy positions from Trump.


but finally hopes to have a realistic shot of toppling Merkel.

"For Germany's Social Democrats, the SPD they hope that Steinmeier's election is a prelude to something bigger to come: a victory in September's elections against Merkel,"


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