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Meet Fadumo Dayib the former Somali refugee and first woman to run for president of Somalia

The 18-year-old Fadumo Dayib arrived in northern Europe as a penniless and poorly educated asylum seeker. And now 26 years later she is an expert in public health and an award-winning activist,

This year Fadumo Dayib is standing in her homeland Somalia's Elections. The first ever woman to do so. She hopes to end the killing and corruption and help lead Somalia towards prosperity and stability.

On her Wikipedia page her journey from an asylum seeker to a candidate of Somalia's presidential Election is just awe inspiring;

Dayib was born in 1972 in a displacement camp in Thika, Kenya to Somali parents. Her mother travelled there after losing eleven previous children to preventable diseases.As she was the first of her mother’s children to live to adulthood: her nicknamed her Deeqo (“the sufficient”).

Her father was a truck driver and her mother sold tea by the roadside. She had two more siblings born in Kenya. Her parents divorced when she was young.

Her family were expelled from Mombasa in 1989 and deported to Mogadishu. Her mother was temporarily imprisoned because her brother was suspected of funding a group opposed to Siad Barre. Dayib's family sold everything to enable her and her siblings to escape as refugees to Finland, where she has lived since 1990.

Dayib did not learn to read and write until she was fourteen years old. She studied in Finland to become a critical care nurse, earning two master's degrees. She won a fellowship to the Harvard Kennedy School to study public administration. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki researching United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (Peace, Women and Security).

Dayib is a public health expert and activist. She has worked in the private sector on employment for refugees.[3] She worked for the United Nations in Somalia setting up maternal health clinics in 2005, but was evacuated due to security concerns. She then set up HIV prevention offices and trained health care providers for the UN in Fiji and Liberia.

Dayib announced her intention to run for President of Somalia in 2014 in the first democratic elections to be held since 1967. She is one of eighteen presidential candidates in 2016, including incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. She is the only female. Her decision to stand for the presidency has attracted death threats. Her platform includes anti-corruption policies, taking on female genital mutilation.

Dayib is married and has four children. Her husband and children are based in Finland, but she has declared her intention to remain in Somalia after the election.

Read her amazing story in her own words here www.fqdayib.com

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