• Maame Dentaa

The Tale of Two Sisters

Of all my our childhood photos, this is one happens to be the favourite of my sister and I for very different reasons.

I always thought it told the story of how; my sister Adomaa, snatched away a biscuit from the luscious tray of biscuits set before me and run to my Dad for protection telling tales and how it broke my poor chubby heart because clearly I intended to eat it all and I couldn't understand why she would do such a thing. You can tell from the agony on my face. Even then I really loved my food. 

So one day we saw the picture again and I asked Adomaa what she thought was going on. I shouldn't have asked because she had a whole other alternative fact going on in her head that could have destoryed a beloved child memory of Good Dentaa, Naughty Adomaa.

It turns out she seems to think that she was going about her saintly business picking out on bisucuit from a tray that was set before her when this little monster baby that has been terrorising her perfect life tried to snatch her biscuit although there where alot on the tray. 

When she refused to allow me to cheat her I started to scream like a banshee

and She, Adomaa, was frighten and had to flee for her life to my father for protection from this monster baby. 

Making her the hero of the story. Whose version do you believe? 

I am inclined to believe mine.

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