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Today Google doodle Celebrates EDMONIA LEWIS

I love Google's Doodles especially during Black History Month, which is this February. I look forward to hearing about all the inspirational people I may never have heard of if it wasn't for their doodles.

Today’s doodle is in honor of Edmonia Lewis, an African-American and Native American artist who was recognized around the world for her work as a sculptor.

She was the first female African American sculptor to achieve international acclaim at a time when slavery was legal.

Mary Edmonia Lewis was born in Greenbush, New York in 1844 to an African American father and Native American (Chippewa) mother. Orphaned at a young age, Lewis was raised by her mother's nomadic family and given the name “Wildfire.” Her brother financed her early education in Albany and supported her enrollment at Oberlin College in Ohio, in 1859. Lewis’s education at Oberlin ended abruptly in 1863, after she was brutally assaulted by white vigilantes following her acquittal in a trial in which she was accused of poisoning two of her white roommates. Lewis moved to Boston with encouragement and financial assistance from her brother and received limited formal training from the sculptor Edward Brackett.

Lewis traveled to London, Paris, and Florence before settling in Rome, where she learned Italian and rented a studio near the Piazza Barberini.

Here are two of her most recognized work

Read more about her and see more of her beautiful sculptures here on Google Arts and culture

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