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Simple clean fun for a lazy mummy evening

After a long long week, I just wanted a really simple and fun thing to do with my four year old on friday evening that;

1. Will not require the wearing of hazmat suits, so anything to do with painting totally out of the question

2. Will not require my lazy self to engage any strenuous clean up after. Again nothing to do with any liquid form of matter

3. Will not require any strenuous physical activity on my part. No hid and seek, tag, ball game etc....you get the picture

4. Will not require any intense brain activity on my part. Is it just me or all the children's toys nowadays seem like you need a engineering degree to assemble?

5. Will be cheap

6. Will be fun and memorable. so that I can get a pass for the days when I just want to lay in bed. I can say 'remember when we did xxxx we had so much fun!'

I passed by ACTION, which is one of my favorite discount shops and saw this BARREL OF POPS. It was under 3.00Euro and it turned out to be a good idea! So I decided to share.

It was not messy we just soaked a sponge in water placed in on a container on the table. Then we dabbed a pop on the sponge and it became sticky we could connect them together It was cool and simple.

We built a tiny house. made alphabets..... It had a lot of uses.

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