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Learning Deutsch made easy - Helpful Youtube channel- German with Jenny

If you have just started the Deutsch Kurs and you are struggling to keep up with the class or you just want to be more confident in class and improve your Deutsch. I will definitely recommend this youtube site to you.

German with Jenny

Of all the youtube Deutsch learning sites I think she makes it easiest.

I like that her style of teaching is clear and concise. She makes her videos short so they are not to tiresome.

She has english subtitles for every sentence.

What she is teaching also tallies with the Deutschkurs and it is helpfully put in A1 A2 B1.

For example with A1 she has 56 videos that covers the whole A1 curriculum after which she also goes through the A1 Prfung with you.

I love that she also has a blog www.germanwithjenny.com, that go with the videos and you can try more exercises to get better.

I feel like I am not commending the creator, the youtube channel and the blog enough.

It is that good!

It has really helped me and I am sure it will help you too especially if you are an english speaker. She has so many interesting videos on how to improve your Deutsch. She has podcasts what more can I say just check it out.

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