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Finally! you can get your foreign certificates, degrees and qualifications recognized in Germany

For many years, a crippling problem that immigrants in Germany with qualifications and certificates faced an almost impossible task of having their certificates recognised in Germany.

Out of frustration many had to abandon their hard-earned qualifications to take on low paying jobs leading to a downward spiral of poverty, bitterness and inability to integrate.

As a result of this growing problem, The Recognition Act (Anerkennungsgesetz) was introduced in 2012 to aid with of the recognition of foreign qualifications.

"Anerkennungsgesetz" is the short form for the "Act for the Improvement of Recognition and Recognition of Vocational Qualifications Acquired abroad", and entered into force on 1 April 2012.This recognition Act forms the basis for a recognition process of foreign qualifications and certificates regardless of origin and residence status.

You can find all the information about this here

Recognition of Qualification - All you need to know

If the recognition body does not identify any significant differences between your qualifications and that in germany it recognizes your qualification certificate and issues you with a Volle Anerkennung (Full recognition) What that states is there is no substantial differences between your certificate and that of a German one.

Your foreign qualification is equivalent to the German qualification therefore you have the same rights and obligations as an employee as a person with German qualification.

If it identifies significant differences, then it can pronounce what is called Teilanerkennung (Partial recognition). You can go ahead and receive a full recognition participating in some qualification programmes.

If you live in Germany and you do not have the financial resources for the recognition procedure, you can apply for a grant for the costs of a recognition procedure (this is a temporary project: applications can be submitted until 30.09.2019). People under Jobcenter can also have their costs covered by the Job center.

Read here how you can apply for funding, what is promoted and what prerequisites you need to fulfil are:

Grant for recognition of the qualification: How to apply for it

Information courtesy of

www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de - Das Infoportal zu Bundesregierung Anerkennung Ausländischer Abschlüsse.

www.anabin.kmk.org - Das Infoportal zu ausländischen Bildungsabschlüssen

Image credit:https://blog.employland.de/

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