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The Ugly truth - Why I started 'African Mummy in Deutschland'

The sad but ugly truth is that as soon as most African women step on the soil of Germany, we are fed with a constant diet of fear and negativity by those who are supposed to help us or even protect us.

How many times do we hear warnings like;

‘Be very careful here they can easily take your child away’

' Be careful you can easily be deported.'

'The German language is impossible to learn'

' Jobcenter money is the only way'

'You can never own a successful business in Germany as a black person'

'Cleaning is the only job you can do here'

'There is no hope here just mark time till you can get a German passport and leave this county'

'Germans are very racist they never want you to succeed'

No matter what the persons or peoples motive to frustrate, suppress and or use us, the fact of the matter is by telling us everything negative, nothing positive and withholding vital information from us; they have succeeded in ensuring that women migrants with African background are in the lowest income bracket in Deutschland and are lowest on the integration success scale. If I share the bleak statistics with you will weep.

Granted that life in Deutschland is no bed of roses but we don’t have to continue to be stigmatized, frustrated, used and abused


I am very passionate about changing that especially when what I have been through. Even as an alumni of the university of Ghana legon and the University of Southampton, with so much talent and motivation, I almost lost hope about continuing to live in Germany.

I know that the only things that can combat fear,suppression and elevate the African woman is to provide crucial and correct information as well as support and inspiration.

This is why I started blogging about my experiences, researching and sharing the knowledge I have been able to gather. It is important that immigrant women of African background now have the right information to grow and succeed especially for the sake of our children.

On this site you will find an information section. An inspiration section and also the main blo Life as an African Mummy in Deutschland (Life as an AMD) where I share everything from a little mummy humour, to mummy survival tips, to personal stories and experiences that inspire me.

If you like this post share it so others can visit the site. If you have a topic that you want me to write and research about send me a message I will look into it. If you have a business in Deutschland, you want to promote send me a message I will promote it.

If you have an experience that you want to share send it to me I will share it. If you have some advice that you would like some other women feel free to leave it on the comment section.

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