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School Calendar 2017 Public Holidays + School Holidays / Schule Kalender 2017 + Ferien, Feiertage

I never realised the importance of keeping a concise calendar and planning way ahead of time until I started living in Germany.

As a mother in Germany knowing all the school holidays and public holidays well in advance saves you time, drama, and money and prevents misery, stress, and drama.

Normally the schools and kindergarten will give you a calendar well in advance of the year. Detailing not only the holidays but days when there are special activities, parent’s meetings, or days when the kindergarten or school is closed for training and planning.

I had my calendar from the kindergarten in July 2016 for the period of August 2016 to July 2017. If you don’t have it and have misplaced yours, please request for it and save yourself the drama like me who dressed up my child as a princess the day before the actual Karnrvalsfeier. My daughter did mind being a princess twice in a week but I was totally embarrassed imagine if it was another costume like a ……I don’t even want to think about it.

Above is the school calendar for NRW the state where I live. Highlighted green are the school holidays and the red are the public holidays. Below are the public holidays listed. If you do not live in NRW, you can get all the information about your state's school calendar on www.schulferien.org

01 Jan. 2017 New Year 27 Feb. 2017 Rosemontag -A holiday only for schools and kindergarten shops, banks and most businesses remain open

14 Apr. 2017 Good Friday

17 Apr. 2017 Easter Monday

01 May 2017 Labor Day

25. May 2017 Ascension of Christ

Jun 05 2017 Pentecost day

15 Jun 2017 Corpus Christi

03 Oct. 2017 Day of German unity

31 Oct 2017 Reformation Day

Nov. 1 2017 All Saints

25 Dec 2017 1st Christmas Holiday

26 Dec 2017 2. Christmas holiday

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