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Inspirational African women in Deutschland- Stella Weber

I want to start of this year by featuring inspirational African women I have come across in Germany and this particular woman I would like to write about is very close to my heart.

I meet in I met Stella Weber in 2014 at a church event with her gospel choir. After singing, she was introduced as standing for the Integrationsrat elections in Mulheim an der Ruhr.

The Integrationsrat is a council that represents the interests of people immigrant background living in cities in Germany. They are involved in the local political decision-making process and advice the city council and its committees on matters affecting immigrants. She later won and serves on the Integrationsrat as Vice President.

At the event, she was then given the mic to introduce herself.

She talked boldly and confidently about herself, her love for helping immigrants and her NGO, Love from Africa e. V.

Love from Africa e. V focuses on empowering immigrants especially women and children of African origin.

My heart swelled with pride.

You see as at 2014, I had only been in Germany for two years and the things I was seeing and experiencing about African immigrants here were so bleak and disappointing.

Most of the people I was meeting were barely making ends meet, on benefits, working low end jobs like Apra pra (Cleaning Jobs) and Danke Danke (Toilet Cleaner).

It also pained me that most of the women I met were cowering under self-defeating and broken attitudes like ‘one can only survive in her in Germany on JobCenter money (Benefits or Welfare) or that ‘the German language is too difficult and one can never learn it.’

And there was Stella, the first great example I had seen of what a woman of an African migrant background can do here in Germany if she puts her mind to it.

I immediately contacted her on Facebook and we became friends and the more I found out about her the more impressed I got.

Stella is an advocate for immigrants especially women and children She has agenda to change the lives of immigrants in Germany and help them reach their highest potential.

I remember asking her, ‘what inspired her to start her NGO?’ She explained to me that through her experiences when she first came to Germany. She felt that there was a need for certain structures to be put in place to assist and motivate immigrants especially those of African backgrounds to succeed in Germany and she wanted to be at the forefront helping to create them.

The work and programs of her NGO Love from Africa e. V. reflects this passion from gospelrock konzerte - a yearly gospel rock concert, kulturfest- african cultural festival, frühstück für alle welt- a breakfast for people of different backgrounds to interact, Frauen confrenz – a women educational an empowerment conference, African education awards programs, educational seminars, language courses and many more Stella has dedicated her life to this vision and has garnered all her resources to make these come true.

She personally serves as a trusted Dolmetscher (Interpreter) to numerous Africans and helps them to fill forms, read letters and at her office in the Eppinghofer Str in Mülheim an Ruhr.

For me the most inspiring of all her projects is the Gift of hope, to give back to the people of Ghana where she is originally from. Every year she raises funds and resources to assist disadvantaged women and children there.

Over the last ten years, Stella’s vision has changed countless lives, brought migrants of different backgrounds together and exposed more Germans to African culture fostering the spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and understanding.

She continues to serve as an example and inspiration to me and countless women of African Descent in Deutschland.

If you would like to contact Stella or assist in any of her projects, you can contact her on

Love form Africa e.V

Eppinghofer Str. 186

45468 Mülheim / Ruhr


Tel: +49208 378 7217

Mob:+49177 797 6262


E-mail: lovefrom.africa@yahoo.com

You can also join her Facebook family by this link

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