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Happy New Year, Fireworks and Lights!

By far my most favourite German tradition is welcoming in the New year with Fireworks!!!! I just love it. It is the only night of the year that fireworks are legal in Germany. So every year Germans spend over 130 million euros on fireworks alone!

Immediately after Christmas all the shops stock a huge number of fireworks and in prudent German fashion lots of fire extinguishers. Lol.

I have always wanted to join in the fray but I am deathly afraid of big bangs. I get panicked when someone walks near me with a balloon! But this year a friend came over to help me light them up! Here is a video of the first one I lit myself. You can hear me laughing like a hyena in the background!

It was awesome everyone was out lighting up their own. The fire trucks could be heard blaring out their sirens as the rushed up and down the road, no doubt off to put off some firework display gone wrong .

Best of all this was the first year my little Princess was not afraid!

She loved it and we had lots leftover for next year.

I like what it means to light up and welcome the new year with a huge BANG!!! I have caught the fever next year I will be blogging the ultimate fireworks display live! I want to say to 2017 I welcomed you with a huge bang because I know you will be my year!

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