• Maame Dentaa Amoo

Look what I found

I am a typical African woman.I am always begging for spices and stock cubes from anyone who is coming from Ghana. I am really lucky that my awesome Sister is always indulging me and helping me stock up. But what I hate is that I would amass this huge stockpile and hate organising them .

I found that jars where a terrible idea. If I put them all together it saved space but when I needed to reach one. It was usually at the bottom and I had to dig or shake the container or remove all and put it back again. (I am to lazy for that) Putting it in separate containers were just a bad idea there were to much and and took to much space. I also found that I can't find that one particular cube that I feel like using because I have had to stash it somewhere because I couldn't put all out...urggggggh

Until I came across this in WOOLWORTHS.

You can find a store near you here It is cheap. It stores a lot of sachets and cubes . I was able to put out a lot and I will not have to restock anytime soon. I also easily get to them and see all of them. Problem solved and my spice game is under control

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