• Maame Dentaa Amoo

My super inspirational websites for 2017

I have found that I am someone that thrives in an atmosphere of positivity and inspiration. I also found that it is important that I create it for myself. If you are like me this is the it List. Don’t start 2017 without it!


Why because Oprah made it and Oprah can do no wrong! But more seriously. I love this website that is why I put it first. It truly feeds your soul.

The SUPERSOUL 100 is one of my favourite parts of this website. They are five groups Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Givers, igniters and teachers. A collection of 100 awakened leaders in all fields to motivate you and inspire you. I love that whatever mode I am in in my life I can just click on a group for example if I need inspiration for my business I just click on Entrepreneurs. I see these people doing remarkable things with their business and I am refreshed.

The other must for me is the SUPERSOUL SESSIONS, I love them these videos a super motivational I find myself going back to them all the time.

2. Lifehack.org

When I think of Lifehack.org, I simply become teary eyed. I do not exaggerate when I say. It is the oracle of a better life. It is a game changer a serious life changer. Tips and I mean great, well founded, innovative, aha moment tips on communication, motivation, relationships, parenthood, lifestyle, family, health and fitness, food , home, leisure, money, productivity, technology, work. You name it is there making every corner of your life easier and better.

3. Marie Forleo

I have a confession Marie Forleo is who I want to be when I grow up. Everything about her is positive energy. I love what she says in her bio. She describes herself as 'an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.' And that is just what her site does


I always go to this website with my mind open wide saying give me tips, tips, tips. Let’s face it, we all need some few straight to the point guidelines to prop us up and point us towards a better life.


The Entrepruneur.com is life hack on steriods for any one who is think about starting a buisness in 2017! It is also a must for anyone in a business. I guarantee you there is nothing you are going to face or have faced in business that not on this website. Don't even think of starting a business or continuing your business until you have checked it out!

I limited my list to five because I didn't want to go on and on and not post this. But all through 2017 I will keep coming back to you on positive and helpful websites in 2017. I see you reaching for the stars in 2017!

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