• Maame Dentaa

Because sometimes ain't nobody got time for that!

Don't you just want to skip to the end of a movie and see what happens and not be bothered with the inbetweens?

I get that.

I do all the time.

It not really about the movie, sometimes the movie might be good but I just don't have the time and I do want to see the end.

You would think all I need to do is google the movie and get the plot summary but no, no no no nooo

Wikipedia doesn't do summaries of the latest movies. (Damn you wiki! I learnt the hard way) What you are left with are reviews upon reviews that claim spoiler alerts but leave you with mingy tufts of the plot.

I need full plot summaries for a myriad of reasons and those mingy little spoilers just don't cut it.

Like before I watch a horror movie I like to know the end I don't want to get too scared! (what? I have a very vivid imagination lol) A full plot summary kinda takes the edge off. I need to know where the scares are.

Sometimes after watching a movie, I need the damn movie explained! And other times I just want to decide if the movie is worth watching.

Now I know there are people in this world just like me that don't have the time to be lost in the wonderful cinematic experience and watch the wonderful plot unfold....No, we have laundry and kindergarten rounds.

My people I have come to your rescue you don't need to google up a storm, read through reviews that promise spoiler but in the end give very small crumbs of the movie plot.

Behold! The ultimate website that provides concise plot summaries aptly titled www.themoviespoiler.com

No need to thank me I already feel your gratitude! Shhh! just enjoy.

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