• Maame Dentaa

3 am and I am still awake!

So I have an issue with insomnia. When I sleep at 9 pm, I wake up at 12 am and I am paralysed in bed. Same thing happens when I sleep later I am up at 3am!

Do I used that time productively?


Oh no.

I don't

It is my down time. I need it I deserve it. My child is asleep. I must recharge.

So, I just laze in bed catching up on news social media, recorded series and most importantly gossip sites. The problem is I am a very fast reader and I forward through most series unless it is riveting .....so that will take maximum two hours but this sleepless faze lasts for at least four hours sometimes to the next day! So scrolling around and perambulating (Yes, always wanted to use that word) the vast webiverse. I found a site to keep me engaged, It can accommodate all my moods, hormonal days of rage, freaky sense of humor and sensitive soul moody browsing! Enter Bored Panda!

It has interesting articles, endless list, stuff to laugh about stuff to cry about.

By the way, it is just a coincidence that the screenshot I took had a cat and then I had a meme for the bored cat in the post. The meme seemed appropriate. The website is not about cats......Oh bother just check it out it is a good thing.

Midnight boredom solved.

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