• Maame Dentaa

Cakes, Wonderful Cakes!

So I love love cakes, I loveeeeee cakes and I came across this guy on the internet Renat Agzamov. His cakes are feats of EPICNESSS! I repeat FEATS OF EPICNESS!

I was just blown over. I don't know why I just stared and stared and that is 30 minutes of my time I will never get back but........ I philosophized it as this;

in this world, excellence and perfection can be achieved in every field so long as you are willing to try.

Apparently, Renat Agzamov was a Russian boxing champion. He baked his first cake at 7 years old and made it his passion for life.

He went on to Culinary school and has baked 2700 cakes, mostly wedding cakes.

Gorgeous aren't they? Check out more pics below...

Need to look at more cake pics? Check out his instagram Page.

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