• Maame Dentaa Amoo

So what if you strayed in 2016? Let Cheryl Strayed guide you back

If you have read my post on my favourite inspirational websites for 2017. The first one I recommend is SUPERSOULTV and that is where I found Cheryl Strayed.


In this supersoul session, she talks about meandering through life with broken dreams and feeling like a failure at age 33 and how she revaluated her thought process to get her life on track.

Many a times, we feel like we are a shining star. We build ourselves up with big dreams of success and glory. We shout our dreams out on the roof tops.

Then shit happens and life gets in the way. Then we get in the way of ourselves. All bitter and brimming with negativity and what we do is we let those dreams become a big fat ball and chain around our necks. Weighing us down and accusing us.

In fact, we become crippled, anything short of the pinnacle we wanted to achieve is seems bland in comparison to what we could have been.

So what do you do when everyone especially yourself thought you will be the greatest something and you ended 2016 feeling like the greatest nothing?

You watch this video

I don't know what failed or what dreams were not achieved in 2016. What I do know is what I have come to learn through listening to Cheryl Stray is that you shouldn’t let your dreams or the failure of those yet to be fulfilled dreams get in the way of achieving your goals.

Own that you are here, waddling in mediocrity when you can do better. Feel humbled by it, it is okay and take the lowest common denominator of your dreams and start.

See you in a better 2017 !

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