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Nowhere to go in Deutschland?

When I moved to Essen, I had no family or a strong friendship network. The few people I knew didn't share the kind of interests that I had. I really wanted somewhere to take my daughter to. I wanted to discover new things. I wanted to meet other mothers of different nationalities.

I know you would think a quick Google browse will do but I didn't even know where to start. What was I going to type? 'New African mummy in Germany looking for somewhere to go and something to do but I am not sure exactly what' I recently came across www.heyevent.de and it is perfect for me. I wish I knew about it earlier.

Just like it says it is the best event guide in Germany and it is so comprehensive and no event is too small or too big. Flohmarkets, concerts, child friendly events everything you can thin of it there! I just browse through and look up new and different events. It was great to know that so many things were happening around me that encompass all my plentiful, adventurous and weird interests You can just type in the city or postcode and it list all the events scheduled to take place by date. I was amazed at how far it goes. You can plan a year’s worth of events on this site. You can also search the type events you are interested in music, charity, sports, family, shopping and cultural events are all listed. I was surprised to see African events like the Flavour concert in Essen on.So far as it is happening in the areas you are interested in, trust me it will be on. I love that it is super easy to use and that it alerts you to new events.

I also think it is useful that can connect it to Facebook to get personal recommendations on upcoming events, based on Facebook events you've visited.

So I guess if you just moved to germany and you are having relocation related boredom issues like I was, you shall suffer them no more

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