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For People like me who like to talk talk talk

So I like most Africans in Germany, I use Lyca mobile. Apart the affordable calls to a lot of countries in Africa. They had free Lyca to Lyca calls! Wow to free Lyca to lyca calls that reeled me in, Apart from loving to talk, I love, love, loveeeeee freebies!

Then they replaced it with 1000 free minutes whenever you top up.

Now 1000 free minutes is a lot but for people like me who love to talk……. hmmmm.

So​ me and my equally talkative girlfriend were lamenting to each other about how quickly the 1000 free minutes of Lyca to Lyca run out. There had to be a solution a way we could talk endlessly.

So I Googled up Lyca bundles.de and look what I found!

Unlimited calls from Lyca to Lyca for one month for €3.99! Yasssssssss!

Just dial Dial *139*5000# and follow the instructions or text 5000 to 3535. I also noticed that you can get 100 minutes for calls for landline & mobile and 100 mins for Lyca mobile for €4.90! Dial *139*5100# and follow the instructions or text 5100 to 3535. Now I know 100 minutes may not seem much but it is great to have on hand for emergency call to other networks especially when you don't have a contract line like me.

I don't use any contract line any more (self-control issues). Another good thing I saw was that you can reduce the cost of international country calls by texting SPAR to 2525. For Ghana calls I save 3 cents per min. It does have a connection charge of 15 cents but it is worth it in the end because it lasts for a month.

I found they had data bundles and all so do check them out here.

​I don't know about you but that made me very happy.

Sparmummy on a roll!

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