Can you just imagine this? Of course it is racist!

So year 8 children at Rochester Grammar School in Kent were told to imagine they were buying people at a slave auction. They were then asked to work out how many slaves they would be able to buy with £100, and how many they would need for their ‘business’. The worksheet said: ‘Consider what sort of slave your business will need. Examine the characteristics of the slaves in source A. ‘Can you find any that you could use? Focus your bids in the first round on those Lots that you really think would be an advantage. ‘Would a combination of different types be more suitable? The key question to ask is, “What can I buy for my £100?” Can you just imagine this? If I were a student in that class there

Sticks and Stones and WORDS may break my bones - Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse and coercive control

This topic for me is so personal, I just don't know where or how to start. When domestic violence is mentioned often the image that goes on in our heads is a woman all curled up in a corner with a black eye. We often cast our minds to physical abuse because it is that whose results we are able to see. I find that we never really talk about the other equally damaging type of domestic violence, which is verbal abuse, emotional abuse and coercive control. Many women will tell you he never touched me but the words he used on me, beat me down and broke me. So I did a video on this because most times we women don't even know we are being abused! all we know is that we hate what is going on and we

Family Event 9th July: Children's and Family Open Day at the Volunteer Fire Station in Borbeck!

On Sunday,the 9th of July the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Essen - Borbeck (Volunteer Fire Station) will be having a family day you will find lots of interesting and exciting Fire prevention exercises, as well as all those emergency vehicles for children to explore and some treats. On Sunday, the following program will be available: - Fire brigade exercises - Youth fire brigade exercises - ASB dog training - Demonstration of a huge explosion - The German Red Cross (DRK) will present itself with rescue vehicles and special vehicles. - spanferkel (Delicious grilled suckling pig) - barbecue steaks and sausages from the charcoal grill - waffle and kitchen counter - refreshing slushies - s

Hello July

May the Almighty God set out with you as you begin this month, may He cause His face to shine upon you this month and the rest of the year. When you knock in faith this month, He will open wide the doors of blessing to you. Peace of mind will abound in your life. Uncommon miracles will be your portion. What you close the Almighty will shall shut. and seal permanently the doors of sorrow, sickness and penury. Welcome July! #WelcomeMonthPost

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