How I Became A  Blogger

 Why because I  am a freak !

whose mind likes to wander around in freaky circles and have actual conversations with myself with different voices in my head.

Some of them are funny or at least I like to think they are. Some are serious and some make no sense at all just me obsesseing over the tiniest thing.

The point is, my freaky self  enjoys sharing my conversations, observations,  rants,  adventures and above all giving  unsolicited advice hence my blog. Plus there has got to be other freaky people just like me in this world who like to hear what other freaky people like them have got to say. 

I have been living in Germany for the past four years with my daughter and although I considered myself to be the adventurous sort nothing prepared me for life in Germany. In fact I was overwhelmed when in the first year I found myself a new divorcee and a new mummy!

But my Daughter saved my life! She is so bubbly and always happy. Her infectious passion and zest for life inspired me to get my life in order. I got back to being fun loving, adventurous self exploring all thing that make me happy. 


Talking to myself and taking a generally humorous view of all this Deutschland adventure throws at me has 

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